MUTU World therapists are experienced therapists who specialise in grief, loss and change. We believe that all aspects of our life and lives are connected intrinsically and extrinsically and this guides our practice toward a wholistic approach to therapy.

Within our connectedness and during our life CHANGE is constant.

At some time in our lives we will most likely experience exposure to obvious grief through changes and loss, such as; death of loved ones, relationship breakdowns, employment displacement or ill-health. In addition to obvious change and loss are concealed changes, grief and loss. Everyday change experiences that we possibly dismiss or are not aware of or simply do not associate with grief. Unacknowledged changes can be the trigger root of many issues. It is ok and very human to experience stages of grief in relation to changes such as: loss of time, loss of future, disappointment in friendship, relocating home, transitioning school, loss of independence, an argument, adolescence, missed employment opportunity, under achievement, idealised expectations, forgetting something and many other everyday happenings.

Through discovery of awareness to CHANGE, the challenges and issues you are experiencing can begin to be processed and in your own time and released.

The following services are offered at MUTU World: