Life and its challenges are often unpredictable and sometimes deliver more pain or difficulty than expected. As a counsellor, hypnotherapist and mentor I am aware that for all our similarities as human beings our differences far exceed our sameness. This is also true for what we experience and the affect a moment in time may have on us. I believe that as we are different there is no one size fits all approach to healing and re-establishing our emotional and psychological wellbeing.

My approach is grounded in existential philosophy, yet, my practice as a therapist reaches out to many therapeutic approaches and techniques. It is you, as my client, who will determine the most appropriate fit for your healing process. Together we will safely explore what is best for you and your experience. We are by nature holistic creatures and it is my experience that all avenues of our life impact us and our response to time experienced, for this reason I offer you space to discover how life influences our emotional functioning.

Experience is what we are exposed to; life is how we move through it. Each of us has working and private dimensions in our lives that are connected. By understanding how we respond and behave in each of these grants us opportunity to develop our strengths, fulfil our needs and sustain healthy relationships. The therapist-client relationship is the key to successful therapy, and opens the door to positive relationships outside the therapeutic space.

Andrea Turner


Hypnotherapy is a unique therapeutic tool that has a far reaching ability to relieve an abundance of life challenges.
Existential therapy explores the four worlds through which we all exist: physical, social, self and spiritual. It holds our four worlds to discover how our own worlds interact with other’s worlds and philosophically investigates the meaning we give to the dimensions and experiences of our worlds. How do we live in this world internally and externally. What is authenticity and where do we find meaning.
Sand Play Therapy enables individuals to depict a story or message through the placement of personally chosen objects and figurines in a tray of sand.
Being human guarantees that no matter how our lives develop and evolve we will all experience grief, loss and change many times throughout the course of our existence. Processing the change that is experienced through grief and loss is different for each of us.


Grad Dip Hypno-Psychotherapy 100
Degree Applied Social Science (Counselling) 100
Cert IV Training and Assessment 100
Certificate of Sand Play Therapy 100