Have you ever felt sad?

What have you smelt today?

When was the last time you felt nervous?

How often do you encounter other people?

Remember a time you felt happy?

Have you ever felt thirsty?m

When was the last time you saw daylight?

How much sleep have you had in the past 24 hours?

Remember a time you felt alone?

Name the last time you laughed?

What was the last thing you touched?

Imagine where you’d like to be next Tuesday?

What time of the day/night do you have the most energy?

When was the last time you listened to silence?

Where were you two weeks ago?

What did you wear three days ago?

How did you feel yesterday?

How would you like to feel tomorrow?

Who did you live with when you were young?

Why did you take this test?



Congratulations you are 100% human

There was no right, wrong, good, bad or any other way to answer each of these questions except for the way that YOU did.  There was no scale, grade, rank, mark or rate for any answer except those that YOU gave it.

There was thought, connection, relationship, stimulation of senses, travel through past, present and future time, all of which YOU experienced.  There was feeling, emotion and reflection, each of which YOU enabled.

I am willing to bet that for every human that took this test, not one question was left un-responded to.

Perhaps by thinking about each of the questions you began to reflect on what BEING is to you.

Are you a Well Being or are there areas of your life that you’d like to see change in or feel differently about?

MUTU World offers Well Being Mentoring for individuals looking for a change in their life, albeit small or large, just to feel differently and enjoy more being.