COUNSELLING and Psychotherapy at MUTU World are offered in a relaxing, safe and confidential environment.

All of MUTU World’s practitioners are highly trained and accredited with professional body registrations.

MUTU World values the client-therapist relationship as the most important element of therapy.

Counselling and psychotherapy are therapeutic practises that offer support, empathy and assistance to individuals, couples or families through times of; difficulty, distress, confusion, dysfunction, uncertainty and/or need.

At MUTU World our therapists offer specialised support, guidance and therapy in the areas of

Self Harm (cutting, burning, isolating, personal punishment and self-sabotaging actions)

Suicidal Ideation (thoughts and/or actions directed to suicidal behaviours)


Grief and Loss



Counselling provides therapeutic support from a depth of knowledge across a number of areas. Counsellors often specialise in a field of counselling such as; grief-loss-change, addictions, abuse, relationships, trauma and so on often using more than one model of therapy. Counselling can be short or long term therapy.

Psychotherapy, like counselling, provides support through areas of specialisation  within a specific model of therapy, such as; Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Existentialism, Narrative therapy and others. Psychotherapy generally offers longer term therapy.

MUTU World is a community of counsellors and psychotherapists who are able to collectively provide a diverse range of therapeutic practises and models through which to best support you and your needs.

Please connect with us for a 15 minute fully confidential and no obligation free chat to see how we might best help you.