sunflower-circleIt is said that time heals, for some this is true, for others it might just be the very nature of time that merely numbs the pain.

Grief is an incredibly personal process that for some is short and for others can take much longer. There is no time frame as whom else but yourself can tell you that you are no longer grieving.

Loss is more commonly thought of with respect to the death of a relative or friend or pet; a being that has in one way or another shared life with you.

Loss is less commonly thought of as non-physical, such as; moving home, immigrating, health diagnosis, ending a relationship, work re-structure, children leaving home, failing a test and many more experiences than one may realise.

Loss may also be difficult to process when your grief is not permitted or valued.

Loss affects each person differently for many reasons. Yet each person’s loss is no more or no less important than another’s. Similarly grief occurs differently as well.

Processing the experience grief and loss is different for each of us; therefore we offer a variety of therapeutic options that can include:

  • Speech
  • Art
  • Sand Tray
  • Music
  • Writing
  • Play

Each client will know when the time is right and which option is best through which to process your loss and your grief. You may choose to stay with only one option or you may eventually utilise them all. As you are different so will your process be.