I often think about how our paths cross with others.

Purposefully, incidentally, co-incidentally, by mistake, randomly, intentionally….so many different ways.

Depending on the time it occurs and each of our own timing of where we are at in and with our life, will determine how this meeting of paths is to be affected. Whether opportunities are taken or declined.

Yesterday I met with someone in circumstances that can best be described as a mistake. This person was experiencing deep emotional pain and desperately seeking help and support. I know that I was the person needed, I know that we were meant to meet, however, the other person was looking for something else.

After a brief encountering of each other’s paths, they were once again travelling in different directions.

I had offered my time and timing to this mistaken crossing of paths. Unfortunately though, our timings were not in alignment and my offer was not enough to redirect their route from where they believed they should travel. It was their decision to make, rightly from their perspective. Possibly not from mine

Whilst I experienced disappointment, in so much that I believed our crossing of paths to be an opportunity and the other person observed the detour that our mistaken meeting granted them for healing to be bypassed. I also understand that we can all be blinded by the intent of our journey which often prevents us from experiencing the meaning of unexpected sights or detours along the way. It is an unknowing.

Sometimes we can be unsure of how much longer we may be able to endure the pain for and are afraid of it becoming any deeper that what we already feel. Our intention becomes blinkered and blinded as we so desperately seek what we think is our answer. Sadly, this unknowing does not protect us, as for true healing to occur, for our lives to move forward… our pain often travels deep beyond and to places where we may believe to be impossible. It is usually due to this fear of the unknown that we do not take time to generate space for thought and consideration. This is often because our time is precious and we just want to arrive.

Just as my path is my own, another person’s path is not mine to direct and so I continue along my own path wondering with whose I will next cross. Will I be open to all opportunity that is presented or recognise what might be worth exploring?

As my day continued, I came into contact with another person’s path. This particular crossing I describe as purposeful for them and unexpected for me. Similar to what had occurred earlier with my dually-mistaken crossing of paths, one of us offered time and timing. Dissimilarly, in this circumstance, the other agreed to consider the offering. It was now I who had the chance to re-direct my path. My initial reaction was to decline, however, I gave myself thoughtful opportunity and time to assess and weigh up what this offering might grant me. Will this detour offer me the discovery and reward for which even I am uncertain of what that is? Will this detour take me to a place that will positively challenge me and grant me much learning? Or will this detour be best for me to bypass at my current place of time and timing?

Giving time to this offering creates another wave of uncertainty. Weighing up options can be daunting and even frightening. Knowing what will or won’t be the right decision can play havoc on our mind and emotions. If we are able to give ourselves just a moment to breathe, recognise if it is an opportunity that is being offered or a lesson to be bypassed.

Right or wrong, many times we will never be certain, as our time cannot be undone nor wound back. Belief and trust in our choice, acceptance of responsibility in understanding a decision is made within the bounds of time and timing. This is what is right in making a choice, deciding which path to stay with or detour from is all part of our life’s completeness of being.

All I know is that without all my own path choices I would not be where and who I am today. Whether I am in what I consider a good place or not, I am here and only further crossings of paths will determine if I stay on this path or chance another opportunity.