At MUTU World our priority is to listen to our client’s needs, to support our clients as they make sense of life’s challenges and to be openly accessible to all members of our community.

Are you overwhelmed with life’s challenges?

Are you struggling to cope?

Do you ever feel like you just need someone to talk to?

Does it feel like nobody understands?

Do you find it hard to truly express what you are really feeling?

Do you feel alone at times?

We understand that counselling and psychotherapy is not affordable to all. We understand that many of us don’t prioritise our needs for emotional listening and support, finding other areas in our life to spend money on. We understand that not everyone knows how counselling and psychotherapy can improve and sustain positive mental health. We understand that your needs and experiences are different to others.

MUTU World’s professional practitioners are passionate about emotional and mental wellbeing and openly encourage you to manage yours by registering for our Free Friday Clinic (FFC) offering counselling and psychotherapy consultations. Our FFC will be open each week from 10am to 3pm in person at MUTU World or via Skype. Bookings are essential.

Click here to secure your appointment or for further information.