Educational Performance Programme (EPP) has been specifically developed for students wanting to reach their potential.

The programme, designed by Shelia Granger, has had huge success and lots of positive feedback from a number of secondary schools across the UK.

It is suited to students of all ages in school, college or university. EPP offers lifelong learning’s that students can take with them into their adult and/or working lives.

More and more students in Australia are experiencing increasing study and exam pressure(s). This is most often felt as stress and anxiety. It is not unusual for students to focus on their weakness, perceived failures and areas of fault. This can lead to blocks and barriers when it comes time to remembering what is needed to complete an exam and/or other student work requirements.

EPP utilises psychological skills and strategies to reduce negative stress and anxiety so that the student has every opportunity given to perform at their very best.

The student gets is better performance results and is provided with sustainably improved emotional wellbeing.

A research study carried out by Edge Hill University, the University of South Australia and the AQA exam board found that teenagers who stress about doing well in exams are likely to get lower results than peers who remain calmer.

As mental health issues are on the rise, giving children the right help early can set them up for life, teaching them emotional and social intelligences, developing resilience and supporting their education grants them a greater opportunity of lifelong wellbeing