MUTU World’s HSC Relax-Motivate-Perform workshops are tailor designed to focus on the challenges faced by many yr 12/HSC students juggling the demands placed upon them at this important stage of life.

HSC Relax-Motivate-Perform workshop offers opportunity to participants to discover ways in which to: relax, discover and strengthen strategies for motivation and increase their potential to perform and achieve the best of their ability.

Relaxation techniques taught are able to be incorporated into each student’s everyday routine as a way to manage stress as well as utilise the important positive attributes stressful experiences can offer each of us.

Strategies, time management, strengths and areas of need are all investigated on an individual perspective in effort to best attain a sustainable state of flow for each student to achieve maximum motivation, even at times where challenges are high.

Workshops are run in school holiday periods throughout the year.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and make a workshop booking.