sunflower-circleMUTU World specialises in Anxiety, Stress and Self-confidence Hypnosis


Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive therapeutic method that offers clients opportunity for positive and successful change around life challenges.

Hypnotherapy is a natural state that is made possible via a process towards relaxation. Everyone has the ability to relax, no matter how difficult that challenge may feel.


MUTU World specialises in –

Anxiety Hypnosis: Anxiety is a very real experience and those who suffer from it’s grip often wish life was different.  Some anxiety sufferers do not understand the cause of the anxiety they experience. Hypnosis is a way to tap into your unconscious mind and open doors to discovery.  The strength of using hypnosis for anxiety in these situations is the quick and sustainable success it provides to relieving anxiety symptoms.


Stress Hypnosis: Stress is a naturally occurring state in all human beings.  We all experience both positive and negative stress.  It is the negative stress that generally becomes overwhelming in our life and begins to affect day-to-day thoughts, behaviours and feelings.  For many stress also leads to other health issues. Using hypnosis for stress relief and permanent promotion of how best to use positive stress offers great benefits for each client.  Stress hypnosis teaches you how to recognise your stress, transition it into a positive learning and improve your overall health and wellbeing.


Hypnosis for Self-Confidence: Watching others appear so at ease and confident in their ways can cause an array of emotions for you if you are lacking your own self-confidence.  Self esteem, self belief and self confidence are important traits we all need to fulfil our life’s challenges, hopes and dreams.  Self-Confidence hypnosis is an amazing method for discovering your own beliefs, developing your self esteem and strengthening your self confidence.  If you have been struggling with self-confidence then hypnosis will help you discover it, develop it and strengthen it for life.


During Hypnotherapy, a client who wants positive change and allows relaxation to happen is fully in control and can expect sustainable success.


At MUTU World your Hypnosis experience is provided in a confidential and safe environment.


Other life challenges you may choose to try hypnotherapy for –

Insomnia Sports performance Motivation Asthma
Examinations Stress Relief Eczema Study focus
Depression Migraines Weight management Self esteem
Addictions Anxiety Pain relief Post surgical recovery
Age regression Analgesia Phobias Child birth
Allergies Panic attacks Fatigue Writers block
PTSD Chronic Illness Contraception Artistic performance
Relaxation Concentration Driving Creative release

If your issue is not listed, please contact us to discover how we can help.