Ever found yourself wondering about what needs to happen for things to be better?

Perhaps you know what needs to happen and it’s just that you don’t know how to make it happen?


Maybe you’ve tried making changes and yet nothing seems to work.



Do you want to

  • improve your health
  • feel better within yourself
  • reduce your risk of mental health issues and
  • strengthen your ability to be more resilient and overcoming life challenges
  • be able to support those close to you
  • sustain healthy relationships
  • increase motivation and improve performance productivity
  • discover leadership qualities
  • experience increased self confidence
  • enjoy life more….

Did you answer YES to one or more…..then, Well Being Mentoring is for you…


Well Being Mentoring is about discovering positive and sustainable changes in life.


At MUTU World we invite a wholistic approach that to be a Well Being and to sustain wellness every aspect of life needs to be nurtured and minded.


We practice a reflective approach to understanding your Life’s Style with inside-out exploration and reflective journeying that encourages sustainable change in every client’s life.  The adventure enables you to discover and find what you want as well as fulfilling your needs


Our wholistic approach starts with identifying your primary intelligences.  We explore how your life is styled.  What strengths do you possess that are working effectively for you?  Where are your areas of need that may be preventing you from moving forward?  What the benefits of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) are

Primary Intelligences

Cerebral – thinking, creating and knowing

memory and imagination

Includes communication patterns and language choices: Communication and relationship styles you experience with yourself, others and your surroundings offer great insight into accomplishing positive change.

Emotional – feeling and connecting

Includes positive and negative stresses: How are these managed and what strategies do you have in place to manage unexpected situations

motivational cues

Social – relating/relational and applied: sharing

sustaining healthy relationships

Includes behavioural actions both productive and maladaptive: We discuss how you respond to everyday situations such as conflict and the difference between achieving a successful outcome and learning from unexpected outcomes.


Together as we realise the value of your primary intelligences the mentoring process leads us to discover the strengths of your secondary intelligences