How much do you want positive change to happen for you…

Motivation can be likened to a muscle that needs isolating, developing and ultimately strengthened to do it’s job easily and successfully. Sustaining the muscle strength requires some maintenance.

Performance is the product of the muscle. It’s what we get and what comes of gaining strength through motivation.

Our motivation muscle strength determines our ability to change, whether it is to; recover faster, lose weight more successfully or be the best in our profession: without motivation, change is difficult and not usually sustainable.

In effort to reap the rewards of our motivational strength, that is, to successfully achieve our full potential in performance such as; reached a personal best, spoken in front of a crowd, stopped smoking, given birth without intervention or relieved our anxiety: we have to really want this to happen.

Our wants, desires and needs all feed our motivational muscle and produce our best performance.

Now, remind yourself…how much you want to introduce positive change in your life?