MUTU World means Me, yoU, Them, Us, Our World.

At MUTU World we believe CHANGE happens all around us and we notice difference within and of ourselves, others and our surroundings when we become open to awareness of:

Connections and Relatedness

Our ability to be open and aware is often reliant on Time and Timing for each day is different and so to we are different in it.

During your day you may experience what this awareness feels like, we call this a MUTU moment.

MUTU moments are constantly all around us. They are moments in time when we experience a connectedness to our experience. We are opened to an awareness of our self (me) in relation to others (you, them, us) and our surroundings (our world). It is the timing of our presence at a particular place that allows us an experience that will for a known or unknown reason enable change, should we choose to allow it.

Vision Statement

Our vision at MUTU World is to enable each and every individual to experience change, positively. Regardless of whether change has been invited by yourself or it has turned up unexpectedly: Through each life element – emotionally, socially, physically and psychologically – change will occur.

Mutu Core Values

  • Acceptance of self
  • Belief in self
  • Understanding that we hold many ‘selfs’ in our complete world
  • As an individual, I am are far greater than the sum of all my ‘selfs’