Life is an experience of subjectivity.

Nothing is ever truly objective, not scientific research and findings, not the tree under which I sit, not the computer I now use and not what I may or may not do.

Wherever humankind is in one way, shape or, form connected to or with something (which is everything in our world) there is always an element of subjectivity, no matter how remote or minute it is, it is there.

Just as death is our only guarantee in life, pure objectivity is our only impossibility.

Whilst you hold your ticket for life, embrace your ability to be subjective, know that whilst many things may feel improbable, it does not mean they are impossible. Become aware of your own subjectiveness; your own perceptions, values and meanings you place upon yourself, others and things.

When you think about your own subjectivities, perhaps allow yourself to feel what it really means to you, imagine experiencing it physically, sensing where it is in your mind or body without thought. Teaching yourself to do this enables you to understand where you hold an emotion connected to your subjectivity of yourself, another, a place, a thing, a situation. It creates an opportunity for you to find a deeper understanding of what it truly means for you.

Just as we have evolved on this earth and just as in our everyday life, if we are able to identify something we can then create our own (subjective) objective definition/classification for it. Having an understanding helps us place it in our world and to work and live with it in a way that we learn to know is best for us.