There is often much press regarding yr 12 students in the lead up to the HSC and a sudden surge of helpful advice and support, but what about all the time and months before then? Assessments, major works, mid- years, trials, for some students they’re still getting their head around yr 11 subject selection let alone yr 12 demands and expectations.

If you’re struggling with your HSC load, and feel like you need support, you are not alone.

Exam stress, anxiety and overwhelming feelings are very natural to experience, especially at times in our life that are deemed critical.

Have you experienced: Do you want to:
Interrupted sleep
Low energy
Lack of concentration
Overwhelming feelings
Poor motivation
Feel relaxed during exams
Increase concentration
Still find time for other things
Study productively
Sleep soundly
Improve your energy levels
Achieve your potential


In addition to everyday life challenges, the HSC places increased demands and pressure upon students. As individuals we also carry expectations placed upon ourselves by ourselves and sometimes others. MUTU World HSC workshops focus on relaxation skills and mind management techniques. It’s like tutoring only better. What you learn from us you can apply in all your subjects and across all areas of your life, forever.

Our mission is to provide support and understanding to all of our community and so we are offering free workshops for HSC students across the April school holidays.

Workshops run 10am- 12pm on the following days –
Week 1: Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th, Thursday 9th April
Week 2: Tuesday 14th, Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th April

Imagine investing just 2 hours of your time in yourself and receiving a lifetime of positive returns.

Groups sizes are maximum of 8 and bookings are essential

For more details please visit us at
email or phone 0401 135 989