At MUTU World we promote the importance of strong relationships and open communication.  Parents are offered the opportunity to engage and learn about what their children can expect to achieve in the Prevent SADSS programme.  In MUTU World’s Prevent SADSS parent session, parents can expect to be given vital information that provides paths to opening discussion and communication with their child on what can be very delicate experiences.

Suicide is still very much a dirty word in today’s modern society, yet it is the number one killer of young people.  MUTU World promotes open communication and behaviour modelling strategies as a means of tackling and reducing this terrifying statistic.

What sort of adult role models are we who refuse to discuss self-harm and suicide? Ironically we sell the message to our young people that they must talk about self-harm or suicide if it exists somewhere in their life (albeit their own or another’s).  We see this as saying do as I say not as I do.

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