Prevent SADSS (Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Harm & Suicide) is a real life programme that aims to investigate and explore the where, when, why and how comes of stress, anxiety, depression and self-harm & suicide.  Our focus is to enable and engage young people in the recognition of how stress can develop into anxiety, which then has the potential to build into depression and how this, in some instances, may lead to self-harm or suicidal tendencies.

If it’s not you that is suffering with these challenges, how can you positively support your friend or relative who is.

Our Prevent SADSS workshop is specifically designed for young people aged 12-24 yrs. It is run in 4 parts across the academic calendar with each session being devoted to one topic of: stress, anxiety, depression or self-harm & suicide.  It is strongly recommended that participants attend each topic session to gain the full benefit of the programme.

MUTU World focuses on early recognition and intervention of life’s challenges so that young people learn to manage mental health issues, which we are all exposed to, with strong, sustainable and healthy social and emotional intelligences.

Prevent SADSS is flexibly designed so as to be implemented in any environment eg: schools, local community spaces or at MUTU World.  Group size will vary according to specific needs, and our specialised staff are able to work with you in determining the most productive size, time, location etc.,  in effort for all young people attending actively benefit from participation.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and make a workshop booking.