Life is an incredible journey full of magical scenic routes, unexpected delays, detours and hills of unknowns. To be able to appreciate the view of our story along the way we sometimes need to be able to pause our travels part-way between stops.

You may need to get off to explore for a moment or you may not even need to leave your spot, either way, as the director of your journey, you have the control to do this.

The philosophy behind our specifically designed Take Time mini-retreats is to appreciate that taking time out from our hectic lives, can be done wherever and whenever we need to. Discovering how we can take time, in-between time and in our immediate space enables us to sustain our self care, strengthen our social and emotional intelligences and enjoy the experience our life as we travel along.

Our 2 day Take Time (mini-retreat) offers you an opportunity to explore your life wholistically through: relaxation, personal reflection, stress/anxiety relief, communication skills, positive relationships and life-styling.

Take Time to fully experience the view of your journey’s story in this moment

MUTU World offers Take Time (mini-retreats) at our Chatswood rooms twice a month. All food, beverages and materials are included in the cost, you only need to turn up, let go and take time.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and make a workshop booking for yourself, as a couple or a group.